About Me

Where I come from:

I grew up where other people go to vacation: at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Swimming and hiking in summer, skiing and ice-skating in winter. If this sounds idyllic - it really was!


I attended what here in the US, one might call a "Grammar School". Apart from all the normal subjects, I enjoyed seven years of Latin, seven years of English, and three years of French! Following my school years I went to historic Munich University to train as a middle school/high school language teacher in English and German. As part of my studies I had the privilege of spending a year as an assistant teacher in Derby, UK. Picture, upon your arrival, watching a French movie with English subtitles when neither is your native tongue!

Instead of using my accumulated knowledge to teach in a classroom setting, I later decided to take advantage of the liberty the American school system offers, and home-school our three children. Along with that, I have taught groups of children in dedicated learner settings.

What I cherish:


Growing up, I visited many European and Eastern European countries. Since leaving Germany, our family has lived in the Nevada desert, the rock desert of New Mexico, by the Great Lakes and now, here in Oklahoma. I have yet to see the two coasts!


Children's books, Clive Cussler adventures, murder mysteries, great saints of times gone by.


Stories, blogs, recipes, Christmas cards(!)


Listening - from classic to modern techno, and (almost) everything in between.

Creating - in our family we play trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone and flute. Not to forget the good ol' spoons!


Nothing so soothing but stroking the soft, warm fur of your favorite cat or dog!

Contact Me

If you would like more information, or would like to get started right away, call me at: 405.254.3767.
I am here to help.