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Over 25 years of experience.

Tutoring with experience and dedication.

Each tutoring session will be followed up by a short email summary and assessment.


Reading skills and phonics awareness:

Spelling practice and tips

Grammar & Composition

Essay writing

ACT Prep


Vocabulary practice

Grammar concepts

Conversation (for advanced learners)


The forgotten art.

For those who have an interest in cursive, I offer guidance, practice and tutorials.
Also great as fine motor skills exercise.


Basic "drills"
Tips and tricks and mental math
Concepts of time, money, skip-counting and parts of a whole

"Read to me":

When our children were younger and on the cusp of independent chapter book reading, we would often spend time reading together, especially chapter book series! Depending on their mood, I would read a whole book to them; a little like an audio book in person. Other times we would take turns reading a page/chapter each. That was encouraging especially to my slow reader, and a lot of fun.

Terms: Children choose their own book(s), or I provide a book that has been agreed on with the parent prior to the session.

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